Looking Back. Moving Forward. A Retrospective Album

Kristine Mills, known in Houston as being a constant and persisting voice in the jazz scene, premiered the single “Hold Fast” with Houston CityBook on June 29 (see here for the premiere) and celebrated the premiere with a sold out show at Warehouse 72 on July 1. “Hold Fast” and her earlier single “Dip my Toe in Water” from the new album are now available to stream via Spotify, Apple Music and all streaming platforms. 

"Both songs hold true to the infectiously jazzy sound that has propelled Mills into headliner gigs at events like the Brazilian International Jazz Festival and allowed her to play sold-out shows in theaters and performing arts centers around the world — from Houston to Sao Paolo," said Houston CityBook.

Additionally, Kristine is thrilled to announce that she has signed a distribution deal with Symphonic, a global digital distribution music services company. They will deliver her new releases and existing catalogue to music providers worldwide. 

With this new album project, she is gearing up for a key moment in her three decade long career “This album is the retrospective of my songwriting career,” expressed Kristine Mills. “It encompasses songs written at different times in my life, but they share universal truths about love, life, and death that we all can relate to. Many of the songs are collaborations with other artists which then pull from their experiences to enrich the writing and feelings found in the songs.”

This album is different for I'm pulling from old works that were never released, remixing some of her more popular tunes and collaborating with younger artists and artists who perform in other genres. Raul da Gama with World Music Reports says, “Kristine Mills’ talent for songwriting goes well beyond that realm. She is a fine writer of The Song, an even better writer of The Ballad and best of all she writes a compelling narrative. In short, Mills may be considered a complete musician." 

Songs on “Looking Back. Moving Forward.” will be released in pairs from various “sessions” recorded in 2008 to the present. The first set of songs, “The HOUSTON Sessions,” were co-produced by Gabriel Santiago, recorded in Houston and mixed and mastered in Brazil. Kristine’s first two singles are a contrast in love - “Hold Fast” was written in honor of her new husband, where “Dip My Toe In The Water” was written amidst the ending of a long marriage. 

Additional "sessions" recorded in New York and Austin are slated to be released in the coming months and will included many well-known musicians such as GRAMMY-nominated American songwriter Jeff Franzel, prolific writer and producer Askold Buk, Sade's touring drummer, Steve Williams, Dave Byrne's tour bassist Paul Frasier, cellist Dave Eggar and more soon-to-be-named artists. 

“Looking Back. Moving Forward.” current album tracklist:

Santiago Sessions (2018/2019) - released June 29, 2021

1. Hold Fast

2. Dip my Toe in Water

New York Sessions (2015, 2021):

3. Blue isn’t Blue Anymore

4. Go Fly Away

Rice Sessions (2008/2010):

5. Infinite Love

6. Reach out to Me

Remix (2021):

7. Burden of Choice (bossanovafied version) remix with StarxMalik